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Night Skies and Pretty lies

Night Skies and Pretty lies

I love bands, music, art and sleeping. I don't like to socialize most of the time,but when I do, it generally means that I want to get to know you more. I am a very sarcastic person, but I try to not be as sarcastic as I used to be. Tumblr is my life and nothing will ever change that. I love tattoos and one day I wish to become a tattoo artist. This is my blog and what goes on here is what i feel and it's how i express my feelings because I find it easier to blog what I feel that talk to people.
P.s Here to talk if you ever need someone to talk to :) xx


My life in pictures


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1. A photo of your room
2. A photo of your greatest treasure
3. A photo of your favourite book
4. A photo of your favourite movie
5. A photo of your favourite game
6. A photo of your pet
7. A photo of a present your best friend gave to you
8. A photo of a thing from your childhood
9. A photo of your favourite piece of clothing
10. A photo of your favourite plushie
11. A photo of yourself
12. A photo / screenshot of your computer screen

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when my parents ask me to be nice to someone i don’t like


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